These comic pages are not part of any chapter


Various artwork I've done for the comic


short information dumps on various topics like ghost hunter equipment and ghosts


Devils Moon related artwork that I've commissioned

Bonus Content

Authors notes, Concept art, ect

The Kiss that binds the soul

Hilda is contracted by the devil to stop the gates of hell from opening

Desires of the undead

Hilda searches for other mediums to help her gather ghost drops, she finds 3 ghost hunters in a church

Take me to homecoming!

Hilda makes a plan to get the ghost hunters onto her side. dorothy struggles with herself while looking for a date to homecoming

In the Drain

Dorothy contacts Hilda and they meet at the school to make a plan to fight the ghost in he drain


The ghost hunters break into the hiding spot of the ghost in the drain

States of Matter

After dorothy finishes her new weapon, she explains different forms ghosts take


Dorothy struggles to comprehend the confusing things that the painter told her

Winner Takes All

Dorothy completes her theory on moon phases effecting ghosts, Hilda learns more about how to use her supernatural abilities.

Paint It Black

The hunters face off against The Painter in a desperate struggle to defend their school

The Black Parade

Pam deals with the painters army of marching minions while Hilda and Dorothy struggle to finish off their fight

Black Memory

Now captured by The Painters "Paint it Black."The ghost hunters are forced to face off against the ugliest versions of themselves.